Healthy cuisine for your well-being

We are committed to healthy eating and would like to support you in enjoying food that is both delicious and healthy. We take responsibility for the healthy cuisine, while you, as a guest relax, choose, and enjoy your food, knowing it is good for you. 

A "healthy" restaurant?

Why healthy eating is so important: The desire and effort to be healthy and happy is deeply rooted in us. The fact that not everyone succeeds in this all the time has a lot to do with the way we think and behave.

And with all the external influences, that only seem to be trying to dissuade us from doing what is really good for us.


Proper nutrition and exercise Because proper nutrition, adequate exercise and positive thinking are of paramount importance for overall health: Ultimately, everyone knows this. It is no matter of chance that eating healthily, exercising regularly and staying positive all go towards making you healthy and content.
However: these days we spend a lot of our time away from home, at work, out and about.

So where is the opportunity to eat a good, healthy diet? Hardly anyone has the chance to consistently consume the right amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and fibre throughout the day. How much potential creativity, motivation and creativity is lost because it is stifled with fast, inferior food! With a focus on a balanced diet, physical fitness and positive thinking, “stress” cannot do any harm either. On the contrary, it becomes part of the basic motivation for life. Our philosophy.

Concept on a solid nutritional foundation

Our aim is raise awareness of the healthy food served from our kitchen. To achieve this we have made use of expert support from professionals, from science and professional nutritional practice:

The German Nutrition Society in Bonn and several nutritionists are supporting us and enabling us to serve tried-and-tested healthy dishes on our tables.


Of course, it is also clear to us that not every resolution is implemented overnight and that there are reservations about what is “healthy”. Our guests therefore do not expect a sudden change in diet, but a mixed menu with healthy dishes and "not healthy" cuisine. By the way, traditional food can also be healthy!

As can a delicious culinary dish, depending on your taste. Our interested guests get a feel for healthy eating habits at their own pace, make their own decisions, discover new dishes and enjoy old ones - and become better informed. Healthy eating can be easy. Our own individual approach to the subject is important to us. A very special offer Up close with science. Researchers and scientists give lectures in our restaurant once a month. They offer our guests the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the science of topics such as nutrition, motivation or fitness programmes - and to implement what they have learned in the field of food on site. With a healthy portion of knowledge, it is usually much easier to change well-loved habits that are not good for your health.

As if that isn't enough, we pay special attention to the opinions of our customers. This is not just lip service; we take feedback from our guests so seriously that we make it available to current research. This is all in absolutely confidence and anonymously, of course, and only with the consent of our guests. In cooperation with various universities, we offer students the opportunity for direct scientific work on customer satisfaction. Because we are convinced of our concept.