Company Catering

Company Canteen - Balanced Nutrition for High-Performing Employees

Scientists have severally affirmed their position on the importance of healthy nutrition for general well-being and performance. With our company canteen healthy concept, we reduce the cases of low performance experienced after lunch and contribute to the health of your employees.

Efficiency for your Team

Eating a healthy diet in our everyday life is often difficult. In most cases, employees rush to the next snack bar anytime they have a break just to satisfy their hunger with fast food. The outcome of this routine after lunch break is low performance.

However, this can easily be avoided with a healthy diet. Studies indicate that although most employees are interested in a healthy lifestyle, there are no gastronomic offers on-site.


Healthy Food Directly in Your Company

A company canteen can positively impact on the well-being of your employees. Our employees are well-trained and have adequate experience in the area of company catering, and thanks to authentic international cuisine, which ensures a high level of acceptance among the employees and all the company canteens we cater to.

However, we are not only limited to putting together dishes for a balanced diet and appealingly serving them. We also design dishes in cooperation with the Centre of the German Society for Nutrition. We use our database to create out dishes for day-care centres, company canteens or hospitals.

Scientists have confirmed the importance of a healthy diet in the long term in many studies, especially in maintaining health and preventing diseases. Accordingly, every company needs to support and maintain its employees in a healthy lifestyle. Our pilot projects, in cooperation with the AMG plant in Affalterbach and the SAP headquarters in Walldorf, have proven that we value authentic, healthy dishes.


Reduce sick leave, increase employee satisfaction

Companies that look after and support their employees in a healthy lifestyle often report a decrease in the number of sick days.

Since most employees spend a huge percentage of their lives in the company, it is a future investment for the company if they decide to promote their employees via targeted strategies are committed to maintaining their employees’ health

Supporting employees in maintaining their health also increases the level of employee satisfaction, which is ultimately a gain prestige for the organisation. Employees who don’t have to struggle from vacation to vacation, but perform their duties full of energy benefit every company tremendously.

However, this is only possible if employees feel comfortable about themselves and at their workplace. Video demonstrations showing employees how the human body morphs through unhealthy diets and the associated dangers of poor nutrition, the power of negative thoughts and very minimal exercise are also engaging here. Such thematic areas as depression or what changes can lead to retirement are on very high demand. Therefore, we strive with an overall concept to meet all the needs of the organisations we work with and their employees and to pass the latest scientific findings in the way everyone understands.

Investing in a healthy nutritional concept is very beneficial. However, it also makes the most sense to encourage employees to exercise more. This can be done, among other things, via company-owned or courses fitness room. Additionally, it is possible to keep fit with you through our collaboration with competitive athletes.

It is also as important to encourage positive thinking. This has the power to affect both the employee himself and the working atmosphere. It is because of these reasons that we focus on the insights of scientists who speak at different symposia on healthy eating, exercising and positive thinking.