Children Catering

To make little hearts pound with joy

Healthy nutrition is very important in schools, day care centres and nurseries. Seasonal and regional daily specials, prepared individually, taste good and ensure the right nutrition for children and adolescents.

Always as fresh as possible

Whether hot or cold, every dish we serve is fresh. If possible, we cook on site. Do you need a balanced snack service in the morning or evening?

We are your reliable partner at all times, and we pay great attention to allergens and other intolerances. We know what big and small people enjoy.

Balanced and wholesome

Balanced dishes, that are always wholesome and fresh, are second nature to us. On request, we can provide a full, professional service team for schools, daycare centres and nurseries. We can do the lunchtime catering for you, leaving you to relax and enjoy our tasty food. We keep to our word. Find out about our varied range. There is bound to be something that matches your ideas of what you are looking for.