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The history of Raavana GmbH

From the YouTube channel to the catering company with its own restaurant, company canteen and mobile catering services for various target groups.

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More than Gastronomy

Since its foundation, Raavana GmbH has continuously expanded the offer and is now a very competent contact for international dishes and gastronomy in Baden Württemberg. Raavana-Catering is headquartered in Bad Friedrichshall and runs its restaurant with international healthy dishes in Bahnstadt, Heidelberg.

However, the services offered by Raavana GmbH go beyond just gastronomy and catering. It disseminates important knowledge in the lecture form and designs nutritional concepts for organisations as well as tailored catering for children and older adults. It also includes event catering-an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

Company History

Founder and CEO Thushaan Kunabalasingam together with his team are enthusiastic experts in health and lifestyle with several years of experience in the nutrition and science field.

As a YouTuber, fitness and motivational coach, Thushaan Kunabalasingam has a mission, which he pursues and develops in a very entrepreneurial way. He wants to make people aware of a healthy lifestyle and to show that thinking positively is worth it.

Cooking Show and Motivationsvideos

A milestone in the history of Raavana GmbH’s history was the establishment of the health portal Tamil Fitness Motivation in 2014. The South Asian health project offers information on all areas of a healthy lifestyle on Facebook and YouTube. The fundamental idea of the successful channel is sensitising people from South Asia to fitness, motivation and healthy Ayurvedic recipes. The Ayurvedic millenia0old science still lives on in this successful project and reaches many people who are interested from across the world.

Since 2014, the Tamil Fitness Motivation video channel has been publishing daily home workout routines. Motivational and informative videos about bullying or depression make people look ahead.

These Ayurveda recipe videos are especially popular on the canal. The videos can reach over 200, 000 views on Facebook alone.

Thanks to great success, the Tamil Fitness Motivation health project has steadily grown. It now also includes two regional channels in England and Canada, each with their cooking shows.

The whole history of Raavana GmbH begins in 2017, with a focus n company canteens in Bad Friedrichshall. The objective is to create more awareness of the healthy Ayurvedic and South Indian dish.

In collaboration with other companies, Raavana Catering research how organisations can best offer healthy foods to their employees. Today’s main business catering focus is on international cuisine. In addition to mobile food services and catering in company canteens, Raavana catering now also serves healthy meals for children and older adults. They can either prepared on-site or they can have them freshly delivered from their kitchen.

Raavana GmbH was Founded in 2020

Raavana GMbH offers its food to a wide audience, other than its restaurant and international cuisine in Bahnstadt. For Raavana GmbH to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, they work with different universities to write surveys on customer satisfaction. It is also committed to further educating and disseminating knowledge. In addition to catering, it also organises lectures by international nutrition and motivation experts.